Dog in a Boat

About Robert Milner and the History of Mud Motors

Having grown up in a family of hunters, I caught the duck hunting "bug" at an early age. Since my father is a gun dog trainer, I didn't have much of a choice! I grew up at the Wildrose Kennels that my dad founded, owned for 23 years and made famous. He now owns Duckhill Kennels in Somerville, TN. My father introduced me to duck hunting at the legendary Beaver Dam Lake in Tunica, MS. In the dry years, the lake is very low and I wanted to buy an inexpensive shallow water motor for a small boat but was having a hard time finding one. This led to the founding of Beaver Dam Mud Runners.

After thoroughly researching the market and the history of the mud motor, I quickly found out that there were very few inexpensive mud motor options in the US. Most were over priced and over engineered for what I wanted. I started asking around and found that most of my fellow duck hunters agreed. As my dad did with Labrador retrievers, I started researching the history and origins of the mud motor. I knew there had to be a better option and that history might lead me to a better solution as it did for my father. I quickly found out that since the 1950's, Thailand had been making shallow water motors, more specifically the long tail design. I bought a couple Thai motors and quickly found out they were the answer to my quest. I used them through duck season and talked to some duck hunters that had used them. Mine worked great and everybody I talked to had good reviews of them.

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