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Products Reviews for DIY Small Mud Motor Kit - 2HP - 7HP

Great product and customer service

Reviewed by: Kevin S. on 10/04/2015

I can't say enough about the performance of the motor kit. These things go every where! I mean every where, through the weeds and in 4" of water. Very surprised at the speed as well. With a 6.5hp pushes 2 guys in a 12 boat no problem. CUSTOMER SERVICE is what really sold me tho. They sent me the kit in the mail but before I put it together they realized I was sent a coupler that was missing a manufacturing hole. They immediately called and said they were sending the right one and Ask if I needed it shipped next day. They also included an extra prop for the inconvenience. I'm a very happy customer!

Rated: 5 out of 5


Reviewed by: Peter on 08/15/2016

Amazing product even better customer service and a price you can't beat!! There were some pieces missing when my kit shipped. Never put on hold never waited more then a few hours for a return email got all my missing pieces in and threw in an extra prop for the mix up. Took it out the other day and ran it hard. Amazing power and performance. Handles in tight areas well and open water just as well. You'd be cheating yourself not buying a beaver dam or going with another company.

Rated: 5 out of 5

Reviewed by: Jason Johnson on 09/15/2016

I'm happy, this kit gets me where my outboard couldn't. Roberts customer service was great to.

Rated: 5 out of 5

Best of All Longtails- Commercial Fisherman

Reviewed by: Clinton Fewell on 11/04/2016

I'm a commercial fisherman. I have run all three motors kits from all three importers. I also run a Go-Devil. You can see my videos on Beaver Dam mud Runners forum. Beaver Dam Mud Runners is by far the superior kit to all others. I will put mine up against my Go-Devil or any of the other three manufacturers any day of the week. I have over 1700 hours on my kit and have had no issues with it.

Rated: 5 out of 5

Awesome Kit!

Reviewed by: Christopher on 06/30/2017

I shopped around for months, and spent hours on YouTube before deciding on this kit. I paired it with a Harbor Freight Predator 212. Instructions were easy to read, and I was able to build the entire kit in a few hours. All the parts are heavy duty, and are good quality. As for performance, I run this on a 1436 aluminum Jon boat, and can get 11mph at about 4000 rpms, going down river with two people, cooler, battery, trolling motor, and fishing gear. Going up river against heavy current the best I have been able to hit is 7mph. I did add a hop up kit to my 212 engine which really woke it up. It is not a speed demon on my 14ft boat, but it gets me where I need to go. This kit would be great for canoes and layout boats, and make them move much faster. Bottom line this is the best longtail kit on the market, and the customer service is even better. You will not be disappointed in anything you buy from Beaver Dam. Next year I plan on getting a bigger boat, and I will be sure to have another Beaver Dam Mud Runner longtail hanging off the back.

Rated: 5 out of 5

Love it!

Reviewed by: Jack on 04/27/2020

Bought back in 2019. Put together with no issues and had all the parts. Haven't had a single issue out of the kit. Lots of thought and time put into bracket, and handle as well as all the other parts. Very friendly both email and over the phone with the few questions I had. Using HF 6.5 motor with an upgraded carb, air intake, and exhaust. Also running a 7.5" prop and getting in the low 20s on my gheenoe. Feel Free to call or text 706-612-6885 with questions.

Rated: 5 out of 5

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