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Planing Tab

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Product Description

Laser Cut and Adjustable-  The planing tabs are designed to help keep the prop in the water.  We usually recommend them as a last resort since making adjustments on your engine bracket, prop size, shaft length and weight distribution can usually "dial your motor in".

You just need a 1/4in drill bit to drill two holes in the skeg (bottom guard below the prop).  You want to mount your tabs in the middle of the skeg and to be pointed towards the center of the prop.
You can then adjust it up and down by loosening one of the bolts.
You don't want the prop too deep nor do you want it too high.  As it mentions in the owner's manual, these are surface piercing props and are designed to rest in the front part of the wake of the boat in what many people call the "rooster tail".
Run your boat in some calm water as you adjust the tabs and get them dialed in.  These planing tabs can make it harder to turn depending on how you have them mounted.  Be very careful as you adjust them.  Sometimes these tabs can cause the prop to keep pushing under the water as you turn.  This can cause the motor be hard to maneuver and make it hard to hold onto the handle.  Do not try turning at high speeds with these planing tabs.  Slow down to make sharp turns.

Price: $29

Product Code: BDMR-61


Product Reviews

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World of difference

Reviewed by: Jeff c on 03/31/2016

Rating: 5 out of 5

This was a last resort but man did it do the job. Im running a 14x48 flat bottom loaded to the brim with a 420cc predator and an 8in prop. I was having to use use a lot of pressure on the tiller handle to keep the prop down. Once i installed the planing tab it was night and day difference. One hand driving no matter how much weight is in the boat. Bery easy to install, maybe 10 mins tops and adjustment took about 5 mins on the water