Shaft- 65 Inches

Product Description

65in Galvanized Heavy Duty Shaft-  Three grease fittings - We Don't Use Wood Bushings.  We only use High Grade Polymer and Metal Alloy Bushings.  Our end bushing is a metal alloy because weeds and fishing lines can easily burn up a plastic end bushing.  Fits all kits and motors we sell. 

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR MOST SETUPS-  It makes it harder to keep the prop in the water, is slower, not as efficient and puts more of an angle on the engine.  It is easier to steer but that is the only advantage.  An 85in or 100in shaft is recommended for most setups.  Most people get used to the longer shafts...

These are only recommended for some small layout boats with a 6.5HP or less. 

Price: $180
Product Code: BDMR-579


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