DIY Large Mud Motor Kit - 8HP - 26 HP

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SALE! -  $50 discount!  

Our NEWLY DESIGNED kits will fit an 8HP all the way up to a 26HP!  Heavy Duty kits for a wide selection of motors! Includes everything you need except the engine.  If  you decide you don't like the 13HP motor, upgrade the motor to a 22HP without having to upgrade the kit!  When you place an order, Email us with Brand and HP motor you will be using and we will include the appropriate accessories(until our website is updated with drop down menus)-

CLP is the leading manufacturer of Thailand Long Tails.  CLP is an engineering company that has perfected the design of the Long Tail.  Their design is the most efficient on the market.   They use high grade, polymer and metal alloy bushings unlike the competition which uses wood bushings.  The shaft is mounted to the engine with a perfect, direct fit through the use of an adapter that has splines.   The result of these features creates less vibration or power loss.  The power is transferred to the prop in the most direct and efficient way.  CLP has worked with Beaver Dam Mud Runners to develop a heavy duty Thailand Long Tail for the North American Market.  See our parts list below to see why our kit is the toughest and best on the market. 


All of our kits now include a $28 wiring harness for the Kill Switch- "plug and Play" with most engines!

These kits will fit various brands including the Harbor Freight Horizontal Engines(8-22HP) and Honda Engines.  Please scroll down for more details on engines.

Video of 16 X 48 Jon Boat and 13HP Honda going through mud,weeds, logs and stumps:


Video of 15ft River Hawk and 6.5 CLP going through mud,weeds, logs and stumps:


See how easy these are to assemble. No welding required. Everything Bolts together:


Kits include heavy duty metal alloy end bushing, upgraded internal, heavy duty bushings, angled handle, Extra Wide and Deep Transom Mount, squeeze type throttle, high quality kill switch and a spare prop (over a $250 value)

Parts included in Kit:

-Video on Transom Brackets- This kit has the widest one now-


Engine Specification Requirements for the 8HP - 24HP Kit

Horizontal output shaft


 These Kits fit Harbor Freight Horizontal Engines-  8HP(301cc), 13HP(420cc) and 22HP(670cc) V-Twin-

We have kits that will fit 1 1/8in shafts and other bolt patterns- email us if you would like a kit that will fit a 1 1/8in shaft(the kit automatically comes with an adapter for a 1in shaft unless otherwise requested.)

These will fit MOST Honda & Briggs Vanguard HORIZONTAL V-twin engines between 8 & 24HP- Email us the specs so we can make sure your engine will fit this kit.  We also can make custom adapters for a fee depending on availability and time. 


Price: $675 $625
Product Code: BDMR-496


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Reviewed by: Teddy Collingsworth on 03/27/2016
Rating: 5 out of 5

This kit was a first for me. Very good quality of material. Instructions explain everything when assembling the kit. Mounted kit to predator 22 V-twin and planes 1648 Lowe and runs about 22 mph. as long as you have water it will go regardless of what is in the water.

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