Wiring Harness-

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We are always trying to improve our products and make our kits easier to put together.  This wiring harness makes the wiring of the kill switch very easy.  Just plug it into the bullet adapters already on your motor and the kill switch.  Then you attach it to one bolt for Ground and you are ready to go.  We even include zip ties for mounting the wire.  The wire is approximately 4.5 ft long

This wiring harness will fit most Honda, Predator(Harbor Freight) and Lifan engines.

If you fast forward to the 7 minute mark, you can see how to install a kill switch with our wiring harness.


Order with your kit to avoid the $15 shipping charge.

Price: $25
Product Code: BDMR-48


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Worth Every Penny!

Reviewed by: Christopher on 06/30/2017
Rating: 5 out of 5

If you order a mud motor kit, you need this wiring harness. It will save you a lot of time wiring up the kill switch. All the connections had good quality heat shrink, and was the perfect length for my predator 212 motor with plenty of wire length extra. As always another great Bever Dam Mud Runner product!

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