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DIY Mud Motor Kit - 8HP - 16HP

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Product Description


CLP is the leading manufacturer of Thailand Long Tails.  CLP is an engineering company that has perfected the design of the Long Tail.  Their design is the most efficient on the market.   They use high grade, polymer and metal alloy bushings unlike the competition which uses wood bushings.  The shaft is mounted to the engine with a perfect, direct fit through the use of an adapter that has splines.   The result of these features creates less vibration or power loss.  The power is transferred to the prop in the most direct and efficient way.  CLP has worked with Beaver Dam Mud Runners to develop a heavy duty Thailand Long Tail for the North American Market.  See our parts list below to see why our kit is the toughest and best on the market. 

All of our kits now include a Heavy Duty squeeze type throttle. 

Our Kits are Certified by Honda and designed for the GX Series Engines. 


All of our kits now include a $28 wiring harness for the Kill Switch- "Plug and Play" with most engines!


Other brands fit these kits- Harbor Freight Predator, Home Depot Lifan, Briggs, Kohler Duromax, Carrol Stream, Etc. 
Video of 16 X 48 Jon Boat and 13HP Honda going through mud,weeds, logs and stumps:CLICK HERE

Video of 15ft River Hawk and 6.5 CLP going through mud,weeds, logs and stumps: CLICK HERE

See how easy these are to assemble. No welding required. Everything Bolts together: CLICK HERE

Kits include heavy duty metal alloy end bushing, heavy duty internal bushings, angled handle, Extra Wide and Deep Transom Mount, squeeze type throttle, high quality kill switch, Planing Tabs and THREE Props(over a $250 value)

More Pictures Here:  http://s30.photobucket.com/user/beaverdammudrunners/library/

Parts included in Kit:

  • -Coupler Assembly with Grease Zerk Fitting- we don't use wing nuts because you should always carry a crescent wrench to change props.(helps keep you from forgetting it)  However, we send extra bolts in the kit that have wing nuts(can be used with the transom or with coupler) We also have a 3rd bolt that goes through the outer shaft- this is a precaution in case the two bolts on top aren't tight.
  • -Safety Kill Switch And Eye Bolt to Mount it- we use a high quality kill switch with thick hard plastic that lasts a long time in the sun - also has a button that enables you to cut the engine off without reaching down to the engine or pulling the lanyard loose
  • -ANGLED/BENT Handle w/ NEW SQUEEZE TYPE Throttle Control and Cable- Galvanized - Allows you to stand up or sit down when running the motor- (we offer straight handles by request also)  Squeeze Throttle is spring loaded and has plenty of play to go from idle to full throttle.- You can adjust the height of the handle by tilting it left or right.  Most jon boats have a rear seat that gets in the way of maneuvering the motor with a straight handle.  We suggest getting a bent handle- If you don't like it, buy a piece of pipe at the hardware store for a straight handle.  Most people like the adjustable bent handle.
  • -85" Galvanized Heavy Duty Shaft-  Three grease fittings - We Don't Use Wood Bushings like others.  We only use High Grade Polymer and Metal Alloy Bushings.  Some companies offer upgraded shafts for an extra price but all of our shafts are heavy duty and designed for a variety of environments including saltwater.  Our end bushing is a metal alloy because weeds and fishing lines can easily burn up a plastic end bushing.  Our shaft and shaft housing is thicker than our competition. -  if you want a 65in or 100in Shaft, please call us- We don't recommend 65in shafts but we offer them.  We recommend 100in shafts for taller, 20in transoms and boats wider than 42in.  100in shafts now cost $80 extra to ship due to oversize charges from carriers.
  • -Engine and Throttle Handle Bracket- Heavy Duty Thick Steel with Bushings and Grease Fittings- Option for right or left hand steering - We use heavy duty tubes with large bolts to secure the handles to the engine bracket unlike our competition that uses two small separate brackets with small bolts.
  • -Two Aluminum Surface Piercing Props- 8in and 8.5in
  • -Heavy Duty Transom Bracket- Best and Largest on the market-  Thick steel with Grease Fitting- 3.75in tall, 7in wide
  • -Video on Transom Brackets- https://youtu.be/OA7QMKVzk-E
  • -All hardware needed for assembly except the engine
-The only parts you will need to purchase will be wiring for the Sea Dog Safety Kill Switch.  However, we highly recommend you purchase our new wiring harness:                  
  New Wiring Harness    It is "Plug and Play" and makes it very easy to wire the kill switch.


Our kits have gone through extensive testing by Honda in the USA and are certified by Honda to work with a Honda GX270 and GX390 (both in the USA and Thailand)

Engine Specification Requirements for 8 - 16HP

Horizontal output shaft

Here are some examples of some engines that will fit our kits:

Honda 8hp GX240 models: GX240UT2QAE2, GX240UT1QAE2,
Honda 9hp GX270 models: GX270UT2QA2, GX270UTQAE2, GX270UTQXC9
Honda 11hp GX340 models: GX340UT2QA2, GX340UT2QNE2
Honda 13hp GX390 models: GX390UT2QAA2, GX390UT1QNE2, GX390UT2QXC9

Harbor Freight: 11hp Predator 346cc, 13hp Predator 420cc
Home Depot: 13hp Lifan 389cc, 15hp Lifan 420cc - will need to purchase 4 metric bolts for the coupler
Carroll Stream Engines and Duromax engines-  some will fit- make sure the shaft length and bolt patterns are a match

WE ALSO ACCEPT PAYPAL - EMAIL US AT info@beaverdammudrunners.com TO USE PAYPAL

Price: $575

Product Code: BDMR-204


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Perfect Kit

Reviewed by: Shaun Reid on 09/28/2017

Rating: 5 out of 5

This was a perfect kit for my 15ft. Peenoe (Gheenoe/Riverhawk). The kit is made of high quality parts and was an easy mount for the Predator 480cc engine. The kit & motor make for a high quality yet affordable mud motor. I have had a chance to use it several times this summer fishing the shallow trout rivers in Arkansas and it performed perfectly. Cant wait to get it in the swamp during duck season!

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