6.5 HP Electric Honda LT

Product Description

Go-Devil 6.5HP($2000 Motor) vs Our 6.5HP

-Honda GX200 Engine

-Spare 6.5in Prop

-3 Year Warranty on Honda Engine

-2 Year Warranty on CLP Parts


CLP is the leading manufacturer of Thailand Long Tails.  CLP is an engineering company that has perfected the design of the Long Tail.  Their design is the most efficient on the market.   They use high grade, polymer and metal alloy bushings unlike the competition which uses wood bushings.  The shaft is mounted to the engine with a perfect, direct fit through the use of an adapter that has splines.   The result of these features creates less vibration or power loss.  The power is transferred to the prop in the most direct and efficient way.  CLP has worked with Beaver Dam Mud Runners to develop a heavy duty Thailand Long Tail for the North American Market


Video of 15ft River Hawk and 6.5 CLP going through mud,weeds, logs and stumps: CLICK HERE

More Pictures Here:  http://s30.photobucket.com/user/beaverdammudrunners/library/

And Here:  https://www.facebook.com/BeaverDamMudRunners/photos_stream?tab=photos_stream


We provide an MSO (Manufacturer's Statement of Origin) for customers that need to obtain title and registration in their state.


WE ALSO ACCEPT PAYPAL - EMAIL US AT info@beaverdammudrunners.com TO USE PAYPAL

Price: $1250
Product Code: BD-M-2


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Reviewed by: Jason Johnson on 12/02/2016
Rating: 5 out of 5

Amazing product even better customer service and a price you can't beat!! There were some pieces missing when my kit shipped. Never put on hold never waited more then a few hours for a return email got all my missing pieces in and threw in an extra prop for the mix up. Took it out the other day and ran it hard. Amazing power and performance. Handles in tight areas well and open water just as well. You'd be cheating yourself not buying a beaver dam or going with another company.